The Best Website Host for New Bloggers


The Best WordPress Website Host for New Bloggers (from someone who tried quite a few)

Once you’ve decided to start a blog, one of the first and most important steps is choosing a great website host. There are plenty of options floating around and I’m sure you’ve come across a ton of suggestions to get started. While each website host offers its own benefits and pricing, it’s important as a new blogger to choose one that is affordable and supportive. Keep reading to find out what host I think is the best for new bloggers.

Popular Website Host Trick to Lure You In

Did you know that a WordPress website host being popular doesn’t always make it right for you? Often times you’ll see a website host being suggested especially for their low upfront cost. That low number often lures new bloggers into signing up but, it’s usually a marketing tactic.

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The tactic? Once you’ve signed the dotted line at renewal, they jack up the price. It’s their hope you pay the fee and keep using the service. 

My favorite WordPress host doesn’t do that. They have a clear upfront price they don’t raise at renewal. Plus, additional services like SSL Certificates, emails and more are included.


What New Bloggers Need to Look for in a Website Host

As a new blogger choosing the right host is essential for your blogs success. So, there are some important things to look for when choosing one. As mentioned before, it’s important that you choose a host with clear pricing. Imagine working really hard on your blog to find out at renewal you can’t afford it anymore.

However, upfront pricing isn’t the only thing that matters. Since you’re a new blogger you want a host that’s going to genuinely help. So, it’s important to choose one with great customer service and client resources. If you ever get lost, you want to be able to trust that your host can answer your questions. Plus, having a host that provides resources to help you succeed is always a plus. 

What’s the Best WordPress Host for Beginner Bloggers?

You’ve stuck around this long to learn what’s the best host for beginners and I’m here to tell you it’s Lyrical Host. Sure, this website host isn’t flaunted around as much as others but, it’s really an excellent option for new bloggers. I’ve been with a few different WordPress Hosts, and none match Lyrical Host.

Honestly, trying Lyrical Host was a shot in the dark. I was looking for a host with a monthly payment plan. I was eager to get back into blogging but couldn’t afford the $100+ dollars it would have cost me to get started with a different host. Lyrical Host had amazing, affordable WordPress hosting plans that I could pay monthly, so it was a win. However, I wasn’t prepared for just how amazing the experience with them would be.

Why Lyrical Host is the Best Website Host

Aside from the pricing, Lyrical Host provides its clients with resources like stock photos, workbooks, checklists, trackers, templates and learning tools to help you improve your website. 

Lyrical Host also provides (at no additional cost) email addresses. So, for all you bloggers that want a professional email like instead of you can have it! FOR FREE!


Plus, Lyrical Host has an amazing, helpful Facebook community. You can connect with other bloggers, ask and answer questions, learn more than you could ever imagine and be the first in the know of industry news.

Other Important Reasons Lyrical Host is Best for New Bloggers

  • Upfront pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Excellent customer service
  • Client Resources
  • Emails
  • Free Masterclasses
  • Huge Facebook community
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificates
  • Automatic core WordPress updates

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the best website host for new bloggers using wordpress
the best website host for new bloggers using wordpress

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