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Content Ideas – 31 Day of Social Media

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Content Ideas – 31 Day of Social Media

Whether you’re a new blogger or seasoned vet looking for social media content ideas can feel overwhelming. You’re used to crafting long detailed blog posts and pretty Pinterest pins to get readers but, taking it to social media channels like Instagram is an entirely new ballgame.

It can be hard to attract new people to follow you and even harder to get them to click through to your blog. Yet, somehow there are people successfully accomplishing this and you want in. I’ve been there and just like you I’ve found myself staring down many lists of social media content ideas and you know what I’ve found?

They’re all the same.

It doesn’t matter what source you use to find good content ideas, if you hold them side by side you’ll see they don’t vary much. This can be discouraging as you begin to wonder how you’ll stand out when it seems like everyone is using these same ideas. You want to be original and fresh not repetitive and boring but there’s nothing new about the ideas you’ve come across. Guess what? I’ve been there too and you know what I’ve found?

Even if a million people are doing it no one is doing it like you.

But, that’s not all, I’ve also found out that as much as people love to give you the ideas they don’t really offer much past that. So, now you’ve got all these ideas but no idea on how to effectively implement them. And I know you don’t want to hear it but, guess what? I’ve been there too and I want to help.

How to get content ideas

Google, Pinterest and other popular search engines

There are a ton of ways to find social media content ideas. You’ve probably searched Pinterest and Google and clicked on the most eye-catching and relevant links but, what if I told you there was more you’re missing. Something right in front of your eyes, available for free to help boost your content ideas that so many people overlook?

My guess is you’d be eager to know what it is you’re missing, right? Look at the photo below, you can see I’ve searched “Instagram post ideas for travel bloggers” and Google automatically came up with suggestions. The same thing happened on Pinterest and will happen on other search engines as well. These are all things other people have looked up and are usually similar to what I searched for. Sometimes there may even be a section labeled “People also ask” and right there are clear and direct questions users have frequently asked. However, that’s just the tip. If you scroll on down to the very bottom of the page, Google will show you related searches. If you click on one you may find more suggestions and more questions which leads me to a very important point.

how to generate social media content ideas

As I mentioned earlier, so many social media content ideas lists are the same. Almost all of them will suggest you post a FAQ (frequently asked questions). For beginner bloggers you might feel like you don’t have an FAQs and so you can’t use that idea but, you can. I just showed you how to generate the questions. If you have the answer – share it. FAQs do not have to be asked of you directly. Google, Pinterest and other search engines are an amazing and free source to use to generate FAQ to help you create content.

Comment Sections

Another source you can use to generate content ideas which can work especially well for finding FAQs or tips to share with others is by browsing the comment sections of popular posts. There you might find pieces of gold. For example, you might come across a gorgeous photo on Instagram of a woman apple picking for fall. The comments are full of questions like “Where’s that orchard?”, “Where’d you get those boots?” or “How do you pick the best apples?” “How busy is it?” Turns out that you apple pick for fall as well and although you don’t know which orchard she’s at you’ve got one to suggest. Plus you also got a great tip for picking apples guaranteed to be crisp and sweet. Boom. Two pieces of social media content ideas simple as pie.

What social media content ideas should I post?

There’s a reason why every social media content ideas list is similar and that’s because these ideas work. For any niche on any platform, if you know how to tweak it you can be successful using these lists. Of course, you have to be sure you’re posting these two things:

Relevant Content

Consistent Content

My 31 days of social media content ideas list is great because I give you a months worth of ideas to help you be consistent without being overwhelmed. Unlike the super long lists with 100 plus ideas my ideas are relevant to each other and easy to build upon. Plus, the list is easy to reference and this article helps you find ways to implement some of the ideas.

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Relevant Content

Relevant content is content that applies to you (your niche/your audience). When choosing what social media content ideas to post, it’s important to go with relevant content not popular content. You want your audience to trust what you say and the best way to do that is to stick to what you know. Your audience will know what to come to you for and may even reference you to others who are looking for that same information. If you are constantly following trends, going off subject and just aren’t very clear on what/who you are your content will flop.

Right now, reels are all the rage for Instagram growth. There are a ton of trends going around but, you don’t have to follow them to find success. You just have to share what people want to see and make sure it aligns with what you normally put out. So, if you’re a travel blogger it would make sense and be relevant to create a reel giving a how-to or tutorial on choosing the perfect clothes to wear in Bali. You can use trending sounds and dance if you want. It wouldn’t make sense or be relevant for you to sing and dance along to trending sounds while giving a step by step tutorial on how to make the worlds best pot roast. Even if it really is the best.

Consistent Content

Consistent content is quality content that is frequent. The keyword being quality. That’s because no one wants to see crap content, shares crap content or makes purchases from people providing it.

Consistency builds awareness. Quality builds trust. You need both to be successful.

Frequency is really dependent on the platform. For Instagram you’ll hear a lot of different ideas of what works. Some people find success with 3 posts a day. (How they have three posts to make a day I’m not sure but, okay), others says twice a week. I believe that you need to find your own rhythm and stay consistent with that. So if 3 posts a day isn’t possible but 3 posts a week is go with that. Your audience will know in due time when to expect to see something new from you.

How to use my 31 Social Media Content Ideas

Plan Your Content

Look through the list of content ideas I’ve generated for you and choose which ones you’ll use. There is no particular order in which you have to use these ideas.

Craft compelling captions

Quick tip – Create captions in batches. Store them on your phones notes app or in Google docs to easily copy and paste.

Creating quality content and captions is super important to grow your following. When you are creating your captions remember you are talking to someone not at them. Also be sure to include a call to action.

Click here for a free download of Captivating Captions my short workbook showing you how to craft captivating captions that convert.

Schedule Content

Save yourself time and the risk of forgetting to post by scheduling your content. I’m really good at sitting down and creating my content in batches. If you could take a look at my computer you might come across a file of Pinterest images I made. One particular file has 100 images that I made in two hours for one blog post. That’s enough pins to post for 3 months.

I use schedulers like Later and Canva to schedule my content in advance so I don’t have to worry about posting or consistency. It allows me to spend time focusing on other aspects of growing my audience.


Once you’ve spent a month posting quality content consistently look over your results. See what performed well and what didn’t. This will help you in the next step.


Now that you know what works and what doesn’t, revise the content that didn’t perform well. Try better images, better captions, better hashtags etc.. For the content that performed well try again with fresh ideas. So, if sharing a healthy recipe worked, share another recipe or share the same recipe with a different image.

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CRUCIAL TIP: Always be yourself. Your personality should shine through your content and not feel forced.

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  1. I love this. I stink at being consistent on social media and having a whole months worth of topics to post is wonderful.

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