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The holiday season is the best time of year for festive free Christmas fonts. Especially if you’re crafty or looking for a way to stand out on social media. My favorite thing about Christmas fonts is how fun they are and how much they can truly jazz up something simple. You can make stand-out stories on IG, craft something cool from Cricut, or make custom holiday cards for family and friends online with Canva.

If you’re anything like me, you might even feel the magic of those super cute Christmas fonts when big retailers use them in advertisements. There is something truly special about finding the perfect font. To me, fonts are a language all their own and I love them.

Today, I’m sharing 5 free festive Christmas fonts from If you’re new here let me tell you that is my favorite database for fonts. I’ve been going to them for years (using up all my free disk space) to download free fonts. If you want to know where I go for paid fonts – click here

What is is a free font database that’s been running for at least 15 years and is one of the largest in the world. Font creators all over the world are constantly updating Dafont so visiting often is highly recommended. You can find gorgeous free fonts with glyphs, swashes and tails. Or you can find dingbats/pictograms. They even have a seasonal category for Christmas fonts. There is so much to discover on And yes it’s all free.

Download Your Free 2022 Christmas Card Template Now!

Most people turn a suspicious eye when I tell them it’s free. You’re probably thinking there’s got to be a catch but there isn’t. The fonts you find here are for personal use however most creators will upload a file with the option to purchase a commercial use license. It’s also just a guess but, dafont may-be using ad revenue to cover their operating costs instead of charging its users. And we love that for them.

I’ve never had an issue with downloading and using fonts from Dafont. It’s a perfectly safe and reputable place to find fonts.


How to use Dafont for Free Christmas Fonts

Finding Christmas Fonts

You can find fonts on Dafont several ways. The easiest way is to search by font type. When you land on the website there is a section that details the lists of fonts available, and you simply choose what you’re interested in. For example, you might want a handwritten, script or Christmas font. There are so many options.

You can also find fonts by searching under authors. Here you’ll be able to search by country, by top ranking or the latest referenced authors. Once you choose one you will be taken to a page displaying all the fonts they’ve uploaded.

There is also the option to choose fonts by the latest upload. These fonts are on the main page and will change rapidly because of how often the database is updated. So, if you see a font you like; click it, bookmark it, download it or you might have a hell of a hard time finding it again.

Uploading Free Fonts

Dafont has such a large database because it’s constantly being updated by its users. On pretty much a daily basis creators are sharing their beautiful fonts with us for free. Which in turn means we can share our font creations with others too. If you’ve created a font of your own, and want to share it, the process is easy. Create a user account and upload your bad boy to the world!

Right now is the perfect time to spread some holiday cheer with a free Christmas font upload for users to enjoy.

Now, if you don’t have your own font but are interested in making on Dafont has you covered. Dafont have several resources to help get you started. You can check them out under the ‘tools‘ section. However, it’s important to note these software’s aren’t free. With a search around the web, you should be able to find ones that are though.

Also, you should note that creating fonts isn’t as simple or fun as it sounds. You’ll need a little skill and even more patience. I tried to make my own font once and gave up. I’m wishing you all the luck there is though!

Free Christmas Fonts

Candy Cane Font |

This whimsical candy cane font is super playful. You’ll love using it in printables or crafts for kids

Foglihten No07 Font |

If you’re looking for Christmas fonts that scream dreamy/lux this is perfect. Create engaging social media posts with this one or the perfect holiday card.

PW Christmas Font |

This all-uppercase font is sooooo fun and one of my favorite Christmas fonts. It’s joyful, spirited and would look great on that family Christmas card

Things We Said Font |

Things we said gives off big The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes. You’ll love this one simply because it is what it is.

Hi Christmas Font |

This script font is so cute and super fun with deer glyphs that add a special touch.


Free Christmas Fonts for 2022
Free Christmas Fonts for 2022 holiday cards, decorations and more

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